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 Invite Application

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PostSubject: Invite Application   Wed Oct 01, 2008 12:03 am

Things we need to know....

* your user name

* your village name

* village coordinates

* population size

* last alliance you were with and reason for leaving

* Have you read our oath and agree with it

* experience level

* are you currently being attacked, if so, by whom

* what is your current military size (igm Radixcolors or uglor 123 )

Let us know these things and one of the council members will get back to you soon

*KOTE* Every decision is based on the Desire to gain Pleasure or to avoid Pain.
KOTE-Schaghtocoke: (41/33)
Mechanicville: (138/124)
Stillwater: (125/126
Clifton Park (143/120)
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Invite Application
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